Buzz! Quiz World coming Nov ’09

Buzz Quiz World

We all remember Buzz! Quiz TV.  It was our party game of choice on the PS3.  With the possibility of Downloadable content (DLC) your questions never get old.  If there’s a couple of good things that came out of this years Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Buzz! Quiz World is definitely it.  The PS3 game will add 5,000 new questions and will provide an “enhanced” online mode with new game modes.  Expect a Wheel of Fortune type of game, where the letters will appear slowly to make out a word.

The PS exclusive title will be coming to a PS3 and PSP near you in November ’09.  So get you Buzzers ready, and don’t forget to start entering your questions now on  Check out my Quiz on National Lampoons Vacation… careful it’s tricky!

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