Call of Duty: Black Ops, Wager CoD Currency???

Call of Duty: Black Ops has turned the page of creativity with the inclusion of CP’s or Call of Duty Points. This new feature allows the user’s to purchase new weapons or upgrade certain perks using this new form of currency. Since everything in the game has a price, no longer will you have to wait to rank up to level 70 to unlock the AK-47. But in COD7, I’m sure it’ll cost ya.

Here are the four (4) new Wager Match modes coming to Black Ops.

The ability to gamble with your hard earned currency will also be possible thanks to a new playlist called Wager Matches. Free-For-All players will be able to put up credits on a match which gives the top three winners a share of the pot. Those players will be “In the money” thus resulting in huge payoffs.

One In The Chamber: This game type is pretty straight forward. You’re equipped with a pistol with one bullet and three lives. If you shoot and kill an opponent you’ll be rewarded with another bullet. If you miss, you’ll have to fend off everyone else with just a knife.

Sticks and Stones: In this Wager type match you have a crossbow and a ballistic knife. You’ll also have a tomahawk and if you kill a player with that weapon, he’ll be left bankrupt.

Gun Game: The idea behind this gametype is the progression of weapons as you kill. You’ll begin with a pistol. As you kill an enemy you’ll move up to the next tiered weapon. Be careful though, getting melee knifed will show up as a humiliating kill and drop you back a tier. Highest tier wins.

Sharp Shooter: Now this one is cool. Everyone starts off with the same weapon. As the match continues the next weapon is randomly chosen for all players. Again, everyone gets the same exact gun. The timer is set and you’ll see when that current weapon is set to expire. What you won’t know is which weapon is queued up next.

That’s it for these Wager Match modes. I personally think they all sound like a fresh new chapter in the CoD series. One that Modern Warfare continued from it’s predecessor but made little improvements. What gametype is you favorite?

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  1. xXI Jenkins IXx says:

    This game is going to kill MW2. I cant wait to get my hands on it.

    P.S. Here’s another video that the people at Inside Xbox put together that overviews everything new from the Reveal. Enjoy —>

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