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Many FPS fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Call of Duty 4 named Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  We know very little of this title but that didn’t stop Activision-Blizzard and Infinity Ward from asking the public through twitter, what they would like to see in MW2.  And here’s what most people mentioned:

  • CoDTV so people can specate other matches
  • PC Modtools support from day 1
  • Make server admins able to disable/enable perks to make multiplayer servers more unique, let people disable the bad perks you will add.

What changes would you like to see in COD:MW2?

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. I would really like to see a multiple upgrade for the weapons ie silencer and a scope. I would also like to see my player shoot from a ladder. The thing that they climb all the up to shoot drives me crazy.

  2. @Qrey-zee
    Now that is a good idea with the ladder. I’d also like to see perks reset. After 7 kills, allow me to go around again. My opponents would dislike me even more 🙂

  3. Oh Yeah!!!!! I agree but also make the killing a bit more realistic i shouldn’t have to empty a clip to kill someone.

  4. Sorry I didn’t read this earlier. I would like to see a ‘rear cam.’ A way for you to press a button and see immediately behind you. They have this feature in car games. It’s sort of like looking through your rear view mirror.

    Another feature I’d like to see is the ability to around corners. Metal gear solid allows this feature while playing solo (not too sure about multiplayer). Currently you have to stick your whole body out there. Hey, maybe you can have a “mirror perk” which allows you to see out of windows and around doorways without having to physically expose yourself.

    They definitely have to work on the muting function. I hate having to listen to all the garbage talk in the lobbies. To be honest, I wish they had some way to monitor the discussions being had and ban those people who are crossing the line (i.e. racial slurrs are unacceptable). They do this on internet chats. I understand the game is for a mature audience, but even “R” rated movies have their limits. Monitors could ban users from playing online if they continue to demonstrate inapporpriate behavior. This way you can play the game with being offended.

    I love the Qrey-zee ladder comment. That’s a great idea.

    They need to create a greater variety of small maps. I love private matches but they get boring if you play on the same maps or if you play on a map that’s too large for your group.

    How about XP points for private matches? Even if they’re only worth half the points (i.e., a kill is worth 2 or 3 points).

  5. @jomocpa
    Private matches are very fun. But I’m sure buddies would get together and rack up XP.

    Yes, I’ve been killed many a time unloading a clip on someone, and a careless pull of the trigger by my opponent kills me. Not fair :/

    My Kill-to-Death ratio has finally reached 1.4, and yes I’m bragging :p

  6. i would like to be able to pick and customize my own guns for story mode and split screen:)

  7. There’s a story mode? What’s that?

  8. What about the ability to have 2 users play online from the same console? For example, both my friend and I can play online, from my house, using two different online ID’s. That would be cool too. I know it’s a stretch.

  9. @jomocpa
    Very true, but it helps with PS3 trophies. ugh, please don’t ask 🙁

  10. @jomocpa
    Now THAT would be cool. You’ll need a 65-incher tho 😮

  11. What about the ability to climb on all things. Not thin air in the map but all places. The limitation of places you can go is kind of annoying. What about when you snipe and you have all that foliage on you why cant you climb into a bush. That would put a sniper at a huge advantage. Also I think the kill cam should be disabled completely. In story mode you don’t see how you died it just tells you how. That to me will increase all players ability. Yes jomocpa story mode.

  12. i want 2 choose any 3 or 4 perks i want no set sections


  14. off what jomocpa said there sould be a mirror perk to see around corners or even the corner gun with a camera to see around corners to make it fair you can only used the corner gun with a pistol

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