Call of Duty: World at War ‘Double XP Weekend’


UPDATE: It looks like the people over at Activision are not forgetting about Modern Warfare anytime soon. The “Double XP Weekend” IS for World at War.  May Modern Warfare rest in piece, sigh.

Not only will there be a COD5 ‘Double XP Weekend’  (1/30 – 2/1) this weekend during Superbowl Weekend but you’ll also find two new playlists for the X360 and Ps3.  Did I mention the word “Weekend” enough this weekend?  Argg, it’s only Thursday!

The two new playlists are:

  • Team Tactical (4v4) – Team Tactical pits two teams of four against each other in a random rotation of all the Team-Based gametypes.
  • Mercenary Team Death Match (no parties allowed) – Basically you’re on your own

Via PressRelease

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