Call of Duty: World at War, Clan Tag Effects


For those of you “smart” gamers who enjoy playing ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ on the PS3, you may have noticed other members’ names looked a bit odd.  The effects you’ve noticed range from bouncing to color effects.  Wanna know how to do it?  Well, I’ll show you 4 effects, which will end you “How’d they do that” suspicion.

Update: Clan Tag Effects started on Double XP Weekend, expiration date unknown.

How To:

  1. On the ‘Main Menu’ enter ‘Multiplayer Mode’
  2. Next ‘Play Online’
  3. ‘Barracks’
  4. ‘Clan Tag’

Clan Tag Codes:

  • Rain = Rainbow Colored name
  • Move = Moves your name
  • …. = Animated “O” going left and rights as your clan tag
  • CYCL = The Cycle of the colors as your name
  • Cyln = A line of red going across your name

Voila, you have just entered in the 5 working Clan Tag Codes successfully.  Whether you keep them for longer than an hour is your business.

Via N4G

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. There was another one which I saw very similar to ..o. bouncing across however it was a star .*.. bouncing this time. I waited for the person to join the server to see his tag name and it was four stars **** however when I tried to do it I had a error message come up “this name tag is invalid” or similar, how strange. Also ex Yugoslavia president name TITO is invalid, what’s up with that.

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