‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Patch, Brings NEW Map – Makin Day


Today, a new patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 has hit the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace thanks to Treyarch!  The update includes a new FREE map—Makin Day, which is a daytime variation of MP Makin. Aside from the new dynamic the sunlight adds to the experience, some paths and cover have been modified to change-up the gameplay experience.

Get the patch now, and add my PS3 gamertag: mrjuandrful.

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4 responses to “‘Call of Duty: World at War’ Patch, Brings NEW Map – Makin Day”

  1. darthmazza says:

    You need to hit the “accept” button. My request is around 2 weeks old lol. Slacka!

  2. Wow…patch and a map? Might have to jump

  3. mrjuandrful says:

    Hey Aaron, send that invite again. Last I looked I didn’t see it. Damn lack of notification on PS3!

    @Carlos Macias
    You just couldn’t slip the word “on” in the first line, huh?

  4. darthmazza says:

    I’ll toss you another invite next time I’m

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