Caption Contest: Another Uncharted 2 Beta Key for you…

Double Who's Pleasure?

After our last successful ‘Uncharted 2 Beta key giveaway‘, we thought another treat would make your day.  So thanks to Carlos, aduceclean, over at Carlos Unbound, he’s made it all possible.  You can check out his blog, where he posted one my favorite posts “Best Booth Babes from E3.

Also, take a look at our new Uncharted 2 banners on the left and right.  Those were custom made for by none other than babeegurL11

Make sure to follow us on twitter and we still have our Command and Conquer giveaway still going on.

Hurry though, since this Beta for Uncharted 2 runs out next week.

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. Rejected couples from TV’s “Wife Swap”.

  2. mcgum ads cause they just found themselves one funnky orgy. :oO

  3. Easy mode of Prototype

  4. “Hair Supply” it’s more important for me the fact of the hairy twins xDDD

  5. “Two Hairy Two Ways”

  6. These 4 are the reason the mets have had so much success since 86…. oh wait…

  7. This is one of those “spot the difference” games… This is what I have found
    1. The Pepsi can
    2. The colors are inverted on the beaded necklace
    3. The purse
    What else can you find?

  8. proof that cloning isnt a good idea

  9. keep on smiling until the man with the camera says SNAP!

  10. pepsi, The choice of a new generation!!

  11. ooowww im seing double

  12. ill take the one with the pink and blue tracksuit on

  13. and the winning couple is couple number 2 bob and kylie

  14. coca cola: this is what happens if you drink too much pepsi

  15. Pepsi: It will make (almost) any moment enjoyable

  16. actual gameplay footage couple number 1 nintendo gamecube couple number 2 nintendo wii NOTHING MUCH HAS CHANGED

  17. presenting cammie dunnaway and reggie yates in the 1980’s

  18. It is a Matrix glitch. The Matrix has changed something.

  19. And the Caption Contest Winner is…

    erodz85 :

    These 4 are the reason the mets have had so much success since 86…. oh wait…

    Congrats erodz85, your voucher has been emailed!

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