9 responses to “Caption Contest: Win a Buzz Quiz Space Pack Add-on”

  1. Meteor_Freak

    So… you say the force surrounds the wiener?

  2. Meteor_Freak

    Welcome to Camp De Chrome Dome!

  3. Meteor_Freak

    I’m struggling with the concept that you are my father…

  4. Meteor_Freak

    Darth: I feel a disturbance in the force….
    Grandpa: Nah that’s just my wiener burning…

  5. Meteor_Freak

    I wanted a Master Chief Helmet!

    Don’t we all…

  6. Dylan

    Gramps: “I wore that helmet as a kid… it made me bald… the helmet seems to do that too you…”

  7. Pablo

    If only Darth Vader had, had Big Brothers Big Sisters on Tatooine.


  8. Aaron Mazza

    When you get my age, you’ll find out your lightsaber doesn’t work the way it used to.

  9. Rascal17

    Boy : “How are we gonna eat that?”
    Old Man :”Use the ‘Forks’ my son!!!”

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