Caption Contest: Win a ‘God of War III’ Demo Voucher

Snake Asian

So, you're sure this Sushi is fresh?

Hopefully you read both our God of War III impressions and checked out the screenshots.  Never played GoW?  Then check out our God of War Collection review…  We’re now giving away one (1) God of War III Demo Voucher to a lucky winner of our Caption Contest.  You guys know the rules.  Funniest caption wins.

Here are the official rules:

1. Submit a comment below and make sure it’s a funny caption too!

2.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 24th at 8pm EST.

3. Press the “Retweet” button to the right –>

4.  Multiple entries will be accepted, but a bad one negates a good one 😉

It’s that simple. So get to captioning!!!

[UPDATE] – Winner has been selected.  The winning caption is “When auto-erotic asphyxiation goes horribly wrong….”

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21 responses to “Caption Contest: Win a ‘God of War III’ Demo Voucher”

  1. Aaron Mazza says:

    “No Mr. Kojima, this isn’t the Solid Snake I was referring to.”

  2. John Thomson says:

    “This is the last time that I am going to an Asian snake charmer.”

  3. John Thomson says:

    “No Hideo, this was not the solid snake that i was referring to.”

  4. refugee says:

    Wow, this magic snake got rid of all of the redness in my arms!!

  5. MadamSarcasm says:

    When auto-erotic asphyxiation goes horribly wrong….

  6. Mo says:

    Aww look at that he already likes you

  7. Asif says:

    Guy on the left: Hey does suffocating me mean he likes me ?
    Guy on the right: Oh totally, you guys will be best friends !

  8. Gradly says:

    I’m curious !! if that isn’t Solid Snake … is it Liquid Snake

  9. Oh. I’m sorry is that your eye I thought it was time for lunch!

  10. apurva says:

    Oh!!!! Our lunch is going in my eye instead of my Mouth!!! Thats our delicious meal by the way 😀

  11. John Thomson says:

    Guy on Right: “Welcome to Japan! Here is my pet, his name is Solid.”
    Guy on Left: “Hey Solid! Is your goldfish supposed to be choking me?”
    Guy on Right: “Ummm….Yeah it’s a goldfish.”
    Guy on Left: “? But you didn’t answer my ques….”
    Guy on Right (To Wife): “Told you I would get dinner”

  12. sanguinis says:

    Yes, I did say getting your photograph with the snake was free. However, removing the snake is a modest $1000.

  13. Kristian Boswell says:

    Why, yes, I’m feeling a bit faint, why do you ask?

  14. Eric says:

    “Hey, relax your hand. Your hurting my snake”

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  16. Meteor_Freak says:

    Snake choke you, have no more stress… you see!

  17. Meteor_Freak says:

    Kaa’s last day working at Epcot.

  18. Meteor_Freak says:

    and here’s a picture of George selecting a snake for our first meal in Beijing….

  19. Dylan says:

    snake: “Guess who!”

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