21 responses to “Caption Contest: Win a ‘God of War III’ Demo Voucher”

  1. Aaron Mazza

    “No Mr. Kojima, this isn’t the Solid Snake I was referring to.”

  2. John Thomson

    “This is the last time that I am going to an Asian snake charmer.”

  3. John Thomson

    “No Hideo, this was not the solid snake that i was referring to.”

  4. refugee

    Wow, this magic snake got rid of all of the redness in my arms!!

  5. MadamSarcasm

    When auto-erotic asphyxiation goes horribly wrong….

  6. Mo

    Aww look at that he already likes you

  7. Asif

    Guy on the left: Hey does suffocating me mean he likes me ?
    Guy on the right: Oh totally, you guys will be best friends !

  8. Gradly

    I’m curious !! if that isn’t Solid Snake … is it Liquid Snake

  9. carlton barret

    Oh. I’m sorry is that your eye I thought it was time for lunch!

  10. apurva

    Oh!!!! Our lunch is going in my eye instead of my Mouth!!! Thats our delicious meal by the way :D

  11. John Thomson

    Guy on Right: “Welcome to Japan! Here is my pet, his name is Solid.”
    Guy on Left: “Hey Solid! Is your goldfish supposed to be choking me?”
    Guy on Right: “Ummm….Yeah it’s a goldfish.”
    Guy on Left: “? But you didn’t answer my ques….”
    Guy on Right (To Wife): “Told you I would get dinner”

  12. sanguinis

    Yes, I did say getting your photograph with the snake was free. However, removing the snake is a modest $1000.

  13. Kristian Boswell

    Why, yes, I’m feeling a bit faint, why do you ask?

  14. Eric

    “Hey, relax your hand. Your hurting my snake”

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  16. Meteor_Freak

    Snake choke you, have no more stress… you see!

  17. Meteor_Freak

    Kaa’s last day working at Epcot.

  18. Meteor_Freak

    and here’s a picture of George selecting a snake for our first meal in Beijing….

  19. Dylan

    snake: “Guess who!”

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  21. JohnstonKristen

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