6 responses to “COD4 FAQ: Prestige Mode and Host Ended Game explained”

  1. Will Snizek

    people still play COD4? lol

  2. Juan Perez

    I honestly think COD4 will be like Counter Strike was. People will be playing it for years. Especially is Call of Duty: World at War is a bust.

  3. Will Snizek

    it’s possible

  4. VinTheDean

    The reason why people are playing COD4 is because it is not set in WWII. I don’t think that COD5 (or COD:WAW) is going to come close to the fame of COD4.

    COD4 is set in Modern times which is what people are looking for. Why shoot an antique when you can shoot a state of art weapon.

  5. Will Snizek

    that’s probably true…. I’m burnt out on WWII games.

  6. Juan Perez

    @ VinTheDean… Amen!

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