Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.. 2.. 1, What’s the difference again?

New trailer for C&C: Red Alert 3… looks just like Red Alert 2. I’ve personally loved C&C: Generals but let’s see if Red Alert 3 can keep my attention on strategic gaming. ‘Generals’ had the Global Liberation Army (GLA) who kicked some serious terrorist ass!

After seven years, Red Alert returns! After a time travel mission goes awry, a new superpower has been thrust onto the world stage and World War III is raging. The Empire of the Rising Sun has risen in the East, making WW III a three-way struggle between the Soviets, the Allies, and the Empire with armies fielding wacky and wonderful weapons and technologies such as Tesla coils, heavily armed War Blimps, teleportation, armored bears, intelligent dolphins, floating island fortresses, and transforming tanks.

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