Derek Jeter Playing CF in MLB 10 The Show? Glitches present rumors…

Derek Jeter MLB 10 The Show

Does anyone see something wierd with the lineups in MLB 10 The Show? If not, you will if you study the Yankee lineup. Somehow “The Show” has Derek Jeter playing center field and Curtis Granderson playing short stop. Yes, they’re swapped.  When I first saw this I thought I had done something wrong myself until a friend on the PSN had the same issue. Is that a sign from heaven telling us that Jeter will be with the Yankees but for a short time? Hmmm….. Think about it folks Bernie Williams, Johnny Damon, me…… Sorry wandered off to dream land. I personally think that The Show should fix that quick to avoid NY fans from going crazy over this very wrong doing.  Although I did show off his range in Center Field with a couple of web gems.

Another glitch that is currently affecting PS3 owners is the lack of audio during online play. It seems the headset issue is an ongoing one, since most gamers can not communicate with their oppoenent. Very frustrating. MLB 10: The Show will push out an update today, March 8th, 2010, to update the rosters and possibly other fixes. We’ll post the updates later today.

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  1. erodz85 says:

    Hmmmmm… who cares? Jeter’s a Turd

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