Dhani Harrison Appears On Conan To Discuss The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles Rock Band Conan O'Brien Dhani Harrison

Last night during The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Dhani Harrison was invited to sit and discuss The Beatles: Rock Band with Conan.

During the interview, Dhani said he was the mastermind behind making The Beatles: Rock Band a reality when he accidentally met with MTV president Van Toffler right after MTV had bought Harmonix.  Through their discussion, Van suggested Dhani meet with Harmonix President Alex Rigopulos, which was only the first step to bring their one in a million shot dream into what is being released today, The Beatles: Rock Band.

Of course, since Conan is a talented guitar player, he couldn’t help but try the game out for himself.  The song selection was one I felt to be questionable.  So many popular Beatles songs in the game, and they went with Birthday?

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