Did You Know: Windows XP + PS3 Sixaxis

A USB cable, Windows XP SP3, and a Sixaxis controller is all you need to stay fully charged.

If your a PC Guru you might have heard about the PS3 driver that allows you to use your Sixaxis to play PC games. Well, for those of you who don’t know how to do that kind of stuff, Do I have some cool news for you! You may have noticed a little pop-up last week informing you that Windows had some updates. Well, that was something “we” Tech heads called XP SP3. With last weeks update of Windows XP Service Pack 3, you can now sit back and use your PlayStation 3 Controller through your PC or laptop as a full-time charger.

This ‘find’ is more of a convienence but it also negates the PS3 Driver needed to charge your Sixaxis. So if you’re like me and enjoy surfing the web as you play, hook up your PS3 Sixaxis controller to your PC or Laptop and sit as far back as you’d like. ahhh, recliners…


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