E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Going Live on PSN Today


Yes. You read right.  Final Fantasy VII, the much loved and often debated “Best Final Fantasy Game” is going live today on the Playstation Network.

Sony states that they are making 50 PlayStation titles available this year on the PlayStation Network.  With Final Fantasy VII being made available today, who knows what other AAA PlayStation titles will be made available this year.  And in case you forgot, PlayStation games that are downloadable on the PSN can be transferred for play on your PSP.

Seriously, who is not going to buy this today when it becomes available? I want a show of hands!

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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Yeah, I just saw them announce this on the live E3 coverage on G4…
    But when they say “tonight,” what time would that be? When does SOny update the USA PSN?

  2. I arrived from work and I’ve been searching PSN for this game since 5pm. Its now 8:15pm with no luck!! BOO

  3. @Lasing
    Well it’s up now on PSN, and I’m thinking of buying it to bring back Final Fantasy 7 memories.

  4. It’s up for sure, I already downloaded it. While there isn’t any graphical changes, it does look good on a 42-inch TV =P

  5. It’s good new. But nothing will be changed? A little disappoint.

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