E3 2009: God of War III, The Final Game in the Series – March 2010


It’s coming March 2010. Unfortunately, God of War will be coming to an end.  But what an ending!

During Sony’s E3 press conference, a live demo of the game was shown.  Kratos looked absolutely amazing on the PS3, and I could only imagine what he’ll look like when I get him home.  Kratos’ brutal fighting moves has only gotten stronger with age as the demo showed him riding harpies to progress through the level, only to completely butcher them when he reaches his final destination.  He then battles a mid-boss Hydra.  The battle changes as each head is cut off.  When a head is removed, the battle stance of the hydra changes to the head that’s currently fighting (i.e. battle with the snake head meant the enemy would be at a lateral stance; battle with the lion head would have the enemy standing on two feet)

The final kill was one that I was most impressed with: not only did Kratos defeat the beast, but he did it in absolute style.  Kratos breaks off the antler of the Hydra and plunges it deep into the Hydra’s skull.  Now that’s what I call an attention getter!

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