E3 2009: Religious Group Protest Against EA’s Dante’s Inferno


This year’s E3 so far has being going smoothly.  A little too smoothly if you ask me.  Thankfully, The Saved Group has shown up to protest a game outside the LA Convention Center.

The game they’re protesting is Dante’s Inferno, which is being publish by EA (or as they like to refer to them, Electronic Anti-Christ).  During an interview with regular man-on-the-street Jeff Yanick, Sherry Adams had the following to say:

It’s disrespectful to ourselves, our organization, the bible, the Christian belief.  We don’t need this right now in our society.  It’s giving the idea to the youth that you can go to hell, you can get out with your passcode.  There are no reset buttons in hell.  We don’t approve of the renditions of using the cross to kill un-baptised babies.  The cross is not a weapon to be used, it’s a weapon of salvation, not for in hell.  Once you get to hell, there’s no coming back.  They are portraying that you can go to hell and get out and we are against that…

That’s quite a claim Sherry made.  It seems she doesn’t like the idea of a game glorifying the idea of going to hell, and yet the game is based off of a piece of literature from the early 14th century.  It just goes to show you that no matter what game is released, there will be people who will have a problem with it.

[Via 1UP]

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