E3 2009: Schedule of Events, God of War III, Star Wars Old Republic and Left 4 Dead 2 Showcased


So I said it was going to be hard for anyone to compete with Microsoft’s impressive press conference on Monday.  I may have been mistaken.  Nintendo and Sony made some huge announcements with Metroid, New Super Mario Bros for the Wii and Agent and God of War III gameplay for the PS3.

So what will today bring?  Highlights of today’s press conference will be Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Hopefully they will elaborate on the fully voice system they mentioned on Monday.

Batman Arkham Asylum will get a few heads turning, but don’t expect this title to be released on it’s original release date.

More Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) news is always good and God of War III , there will be blood!

11:00 am NCAA Football 10 — EA’s big college game unveiled.
11:30 am Madden Next-Gen — The big franchise only gets better.
12:30 pm Star Wars: The Old Republic — Learn how this MMO will consume you.
1:00 pm Unannounced Lucas Arts Title — See what Lucas Arts has in store for us.
1:30 pm Unannounced Lucas Arts Title — Another secret game from Lucas Arts.
2:00 pm Batman Arkham Asylum – We’re going nuts to see this game.
2:30 pm Guitar Hero 5 — Rock out on with multiple instruments.
3:30 pm Brütal Legend — Rock n’ Roll will save the world.
4:00 pm Left 4 Dead 2 — So much blood.
4:30 pm Assassin’s Creed 2 — See the next chapter in this amazing tale.
5:00 pm Bad Company 2 — Ultimate destruction returns.
5:30 pm Red Steel 2 — See the power of motion controls.
6:00 pm APB — See the MMO with style.
6:30 pm God of War III — There will be blood.
7:15 pm DJ Hero — Come spin with us.
7:45 pm Unannounced Sony Title — This could be big!

The highlight from yesterday’s show was for sure, Steve Wiebe’s attempt at breaking Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong record.  Although he did not beat the hi-score, he achieved the first ever KILL SCREEN on LIVE TV, way to go Steve.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Ok I like the time slots for this by which is being shown at the event, but my question is will we see any of this stuff on G4? I mean yes you can report it on here, but why is the public being shuned away from know most of what’s going on at the show? Thats’s how it feels to me. Great article though.

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