E3 2010: PlayStation Plus, PSN Subscription Service Is A Go!

PlayStation Plus

…And there we have it.  PlayStation’s newest subscription service is called PlayStation Plus.  The fued over PSN over XBox Live has now been levelled due to both services coming at a premium. You get hundreds of dollars worth of value every year. Free content, PSN games, minis , discounts on media, automatic downloads. It will be available later this month, a full year for $49.99, three-month $17.99. The first three months are free for a limited time… Also included in PlayStation Plus will be Qore.

This new service will not replace the curent FREE PSN service we’re all used to, but instead will enhance the PlayStation Network expereince says Jack Tretton.  Additional content and early demo access are just some of the benefits you’ll find with PlayStation Plus.  PlayStation Plus subscribers also would get “hundreds of dollars” in free content and discounts on certain items within the PlayStation Store.  Let’s hope it’s not for just older games like PAIN.  I already have that “non-trophy getting” game.  Yes, they’re THAT hard to get!

[UPDATE] Portal 2 was just announced thanks to Gabe Newell from Valve. Wow!

More when we get it…

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