8 responses to “E3 2010: PlayStation Plus, PSN Subscription Service Is A Go!”

  1. Kezins

    I think the whole “it’s better because it’s free” argument for PSN over XBL has just ended. I’ll be curious to see if our current service really stays like it is. There has to be a catch somewhere that’s not being mentioned. Either that, or it’s my paranoid nature telling me that there’s a catch somewhere in all of this. :)

  2. Nick S

    I am wondering how/if they are going to compensate existing Qore subscribers. I signed up for Qore last year and it ran out with this issue. I purposely didn’t resubscribe yet thinking this was a possibility. I will probably sign up for the new service instead but I’m wondering if existing/mid subscription users are out of luck

  3. Nick S

    I don’t think existing service will change. what you can probably bet on is that new features will be plus exclusive. Its not much different then the xbox live approach. As xbox has added all these new items/features to xbox they have all been Gold exclusive. Even things as simple as joining a party. I think if you are happy with the existing service you are probably fine for a while but as they roll out new features there will be more and more reason to change over

  4. Kezins

    @Nick S: I hope they would refund or pro-rate service for people. I also heard existing service will not change, but I’m not a trusting person. I always feel like there’s going to be some catch if I don’t buy the service. I guess we will see what happens.

  5. Kezins

    XBL does look pretty good. I still have a lot of time left on my account too but no functioning 360 lol. I might buy one of the new ones if I can scrape together some money. The thin slim will look good next to the big PS3.

  6. xXI Jenkins IXx

    My only question is do you think they will, somewhere down the road, start making you need a ps+ account to play online? or will there eventually be a new, seperate server that is more reliable? That was my biggest distinguisment between the 2 systems. Ive been playing on XBL for a while now, and it just seems like the PSN servers aren’t yet at the full functioning level as XBL. Thats what really made me push away my ps3. With a new source of revenue, it may help them create a better online experiance that is more reliable…who knows.

  7. Kezins

    The PSN servers are pretty good 90% of the time I’d say, but they are very iffy the other 10. My guess is that they are going to find a way to get people to buy into the new pay plan, so I bet some games in the future will make you purchase the “ps+”. That could be simply my distrust of corporations, but my suspicion is there has to be a catch somewhere with all of this.

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