Elder Scrolls V: E3 Surprise?

I am an absolute fiend for Elder Scrolls. The first two were great experiences for me, Morrowind completely captivated me and Oblivion sealed the deal. Even though I have done everything you can possibly do with Oblivion several times and on every platform the game was released on, I am tempted to throw the game in one final time to keep me somewhat satisfied until Elder Scrolls V hits shelves, which in all honesty may not be until 2011.

Right now, I only know a few details about V, so a surprise E3 announcement would be welcomed and highly amazing. Some writers on the web have been predicting an announcement, but I’d file it under “extremely unlikely”. Bethesda’s Pete Hines already denied any big announcements at E3 2010, yet Famitsu has predicted that Bethesda will be announcing a “big secret” at E3. Right now, we’re basically just guessing about what could happen in the near future with the title, so there’s no possible way to make a strong prediction one way or the other. We also know that Bethesda has outsourced the game to one of their smaller companies.

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