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  1. fatass981

    there is more than 20 per race cuz if u look at sceenshot of the ore and the ore one of this the one from the sceenshot is not in it

  2. Justin

    That’s not accurate. What they showed us today are just the twenty presets, from which you can customize and refine. Characters will be fully customizable and don’t have to necessarily look anything at all like what you started with.

  3. Phoenix

    The title and maybe the article is so inaccurate! I didnt read the article but the title is so inaccurate! The players can create any kinds of features in their race character. What they showed ( 20 or so screenshots ) are just examples!

    You can tell the person who wrote this has not played oblivion! But those pictures are just examples of how u can customize your character!

  4. Ryan

    @mrjuandrful Wow you’re an ass. Every comment is telling you that you’re wrong but you still don’t believe them. Well, if you want proof here it is. From the official Bethesda blog about these images:

    “Like Bubba from Forrest Gump, we could go on for days talking about the different customization options you’ll have with Skyrim. But instead, we decided to share the preset options you’ll have when you start your adventure.”

    Source: http://www.bethblog.com/index.php/2011/08/24/the-races-and-faces-of-skyrim/

  5. Sam

    Haha, really, 20 faces per race? That’s possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Even if you did get this info from somewhere, it’s hard to believe that common sense had not kicked in, and spurred you to do more research on the matter. Bethesda would really be shooting themselves in the foot if you could choose one of only a select number of faces. Part of what makes games like Oblivion, Morrowind, and Fallout 3 is the fact that you create your character, entirely, from the physical features to the character’s power, etc.

    Well thanks for the pictures, anyway. They were very nice. Not trying to hate, but really, dude…

  6. pitbang

    I believe you are all misguided in your responses . Of course characters will be fully customizable. This article is addressing the NPC characters, not the player.

  7. pitbang

    @Sam – so characters are FULLY customizable in Morrowind? This is news to me. There is a difference between selecting from presets and full customization

  8. Sam

    @pitbang – Considering the vast array of pictures we have seen of Skyrim, of all the characters shown, some of them NPCs, I can safely assure you that there will be no drawing from preset faces when making the NPC faces. Go to the link “Ryan” put up in his comment. That should show you. Its from Bethblog, so i don’t see how it could be false.

    And sorry about my mistake concerning Morrowind, but I think you’ll agree that it’s beside the point anyways.

  9. pitbang

    @Sam – ok, I understand that there are 20 presets available for further customization now . Thanks for pointing that out. but I wonder if those 20 presets will be used as default for the NPC characters as well..

  10. Oath

    OMG! This article makes no sense, Those are PRESETS!!! Meaning you can choose those as your characters face and start the customization from there you, just like Oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV. I’ll make this clear, These faces are not your only choice!!
    Please get it right. FFS.

  11. Madame Camper

    1. As many have stated, your “twenty faces per race” information is entirely wrong. Please fact-check better in the future; making a claim such as this leads me to believe you have read very little of Skyrim’s releases on character development/creation. And if that statement is true, you really oughtn’t be writing an article about this very topic.

    2. There were multiple female voice actors in Oblivion. While it is true they were limited in number, there were significantly more than you claim. Search the information yourself if you demand sources; it is not difficult to find. (Suffice to say, it’s quite comical that you demand sources from other commenters when you clearly spent less than 30 minutes researching your own.)

    3. Your math is off. If there were only 20 presets divided among 10 races, in an RPG with hundreds of NPCS, repeat-faces are highly likely.

    This sort of reporting looks poorly on you and your website when there is a wealth of information available for you to comb through. It reads as though you simply made up content to link a few Skyrim headlines together that you stumbled across, but did not open. I apologize for being curt, but shoddy work should expect low reviews.

  12. Madame C

    1. Thank you. I see the article text has been cleaned. The article now concerns presets, though it did not before, as clarified by other statements made. (Such as the [paraphrased] “twenty faces for every race makes identical NPCs unlikely” issue.)

    2. You say “the same voice was used for every female” while you allow for “two or three guys,” so I am inclined to doubt it. Casual references are expected, but if you must sprinkle them into your reporting, be clear and fair. In the future, if you choose to “embellish,” as you say, you should not intermix with so-called fact. Many of the same voice actors from Morrowind appeared again in Oblivion, as Elder Scrolls games have always been known for limited voice acting. There is so little research done in this article that it is difficult to separate your version of the truth from fiction.

    3. I apologize for casually using the term “divided” when speaking of a calculation error; it was confusing. I gather that you did in fact understand the meaning beyond semantics, however, as you have removed the offending statistic.

    I reccomend you work on accepting criticism if you intend on continuing your career and/or hobby as a writer. I would not go so far as calling you an “ass,” but there is no need for belittling commenters for responding negatively to an incorrect and poorly-done article.

    There is no doubt that the text reads truer now than it previously did. I would also suggest rectifying your title as well as your content, however, as it continues to be misleading.

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