[UPDATE Keys Gone] Eurogamer giving away 5800 Beta keys for LBP

Sign-up now at Eurogamer to receive your FREE Beta key for LittleBigPlanet.

Happening right now, if you hop on over to Eurogamer and register on their site, you’ll be handed a warm greeting and a LittleBigPlanet Key… for FREE. Currently, the site is loading very slow so be patient… I got in after 15 minutes. Here is my confirmation after I registered.

[UPDATE] – As of 6:00PM EDT, all beta codes have been used up. If you were lucky enough to get one, let us know…

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I assume they met their limit quick. Registration is now “temporarily disabled”……

  2. if the site stopped giving out keys then close this topic its just wasteing space on the internet

  3. @dredlord200: This is a blog, not a forum. We don’t close topics on blogs, because they are blog posts. Deleting them wouldn’t take the link out of search engines..it would just land people on an Error 404, which wouldn’t be a good thing for anyone.

    We did UPDATE the article and I’ll go ahead and edit the title more too, but we never delete posts. Sorry 🙂

  4. @dredlord200, we continue to update this post. Many sites create a new post with updated information for “views” purposes.

    Thanks for bringing this topic up to us. Don’t forget any information you’d like us to know can be emailed at tips at kezins dot com.

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