Fallout 3 DLC on PS3 Delayed! Bethesda Says September

Fallout 3

[UPDATE] In a statement released by Bethesda they tell the official PlayStation blog developers hope to have the first episode ready by the end of September.

For those wondering “What happened to the Fallout 3 DLC for PS3?”, you’re not forgotten.  It seems Bethesda’s original announcement of a June DLC was a month early.  An “update” mentioned by Pete Hines, VP of Marketing insists it will come this week.  We’re not exactly sure if this “update” will include Operation: Anchorage, followed by The Pitt and then Broken Steel four to six weeks later but we’ll keep you posted.

Pete Hines continued to say: “Operation: Anchorage,” which is going to be the first of the Fallout 3 downloadable content to make it to the PS3, is still being worked on according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines. He told Eurogamer that because they are dealing with a different platform, the DLC “requires special attention and plenty of testing before it’s released.”

Which I can understand. With some of the previous releases of Fallout 3 DLC on the Xbox 360 encountering issues, it’s best to not mess this release up also on the PS3.  As far as price goes, expect this one to hit the PSN store for $10.


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  1. They misjudged the release date buy a few weeks and they’re getting such a backlash from it. Seriously. I would rather have expansion that plays well and is glitch free cause from what i’ve heard there is quite a few glitches with the 360 version.

  2. @Donnyp
    I agree. But without mention? At least say, “we’re working on it”. Leaving gamers on the edge of their seats can lead to backlashes for sure. And in Bethesda’s instance, they let us fall off delaying it into July instead of late June as originally promised.

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