Feels So Good To Be Bad, Empire Edition! The Force Unleashed

There’s only 1 other Star Wars game that will put a hurdle in my way to Knights of the Republic 3 (KOTOR3), and The Force Unleashed is that hurdle. I’ve talked to my co-workers about which path they take in Star Wars games, and surprisingly I hear them say the Light Path.  Are they nuts?  Sometimes I’ll walk down the street with a dollar attached to my shoe with dental floss to see the hobo’s chase it.  I’m so evil, I go to my McDonald’s drive-thru, order an Angus Mushroom Swiss, pay for it with cash and speed right pass the pick-up window.  Leaving them wondering, why.  I never answer.  I just drive past them going 17 MPH laughing my way to evilness.  Yeah, call me a Dark Side follower.  Btw, best bad guy with a light saber is General Grievous! So my point to this craziness is that in The Force Unleashed, there will be no Light Path.  Destruction is all you get.  “You lose Sir, Good Day Sir!”

Check out the next reason why you’ll see my PS3 screen name logged into this game… when it comes out of course.

Coming to PS3, X360 and Wii – September 16, 2008.

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2 responses to “Feels So Good To Be Bad, Empire Edition! The Force Unleashed”

  1. How can anyone chose the light-side, it’s just not as fun to be good.

  2. David says:

    Aaaactually…. if you watch the most recent trailers, it looks like the main character in TFU does have a sort of change of heart, and maybe even some choices to make… obviously you don’t get the choice to be a *Jedi*, but I think there is more to the story than just the dark side…

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