4 responses to “First Battlefield 3 Footage Leaked, Release Date Below”

  1. PapaPhewPills

    another site with useless info just wasting time and space. there was no point to even writing this. do us all a favor and quit trying to fueling the imaginary fire between BF 3 and MW 3. it allcomes down to who prefers what. im getting battlefield 3 call of duty was okay but now its repetitive and old and its obvious all activision/infinity ward want is to milk the franchise for our money. atleast dice is trying to get our momeys worth by actually improving not reusing the same engine and saying having 60 fps is a “competitive edge” all infinity ward is doing is trying to stay relevant. battlefield to me is a better experience and worth the money i pay for a game tht actually deserves my time not some cheap remake with a copy and paste experience

  2. Muzza

    Frostbite 2.0 yes please. I trust Dice to produce a truly amazing tactical fps on all formats, they have put alot of effort into this title & it shows from what I’ve seen of it so far. BC2 was & still is awesome online! BF3 preordered months ago & holiday booked in November so I can seriously get my teeth into it. More excited by this title than any that have come before it. Nuff said. :)

  3. wizard

    i love fish

  4. J

    This is lulzworthy. First BF3 footage arrived months ago. And the release date was announced in early june.

    Honestly, you suck, juan.

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