First Look: Fight Night Round 4, Mike Tyson + Latest Roster

Coming to a next generation console near you PS3 and X360 in 2009 is the recently announced ‘Fight Night Round 4’.  After many days of researching the confirmed roster, we have gathered and confirmed this information with our EA contact.  Unfortunately, the list is not complete but we’re working on it.

For the first time featured in a video game in nearly a decade is “Iron” Mike Tyson. The Tyson we all love, Young Mike Tyson, will surely knock us on our a** without the strategic blinking.  If you grew up in the 80’s Mike Tyson was one of the most feared boxers in the ring.  His uppercut was devastating and his power was unmatched.

Our confirmed 13 fighters listed to-date, are great fighters I’m sure you’ll enjoy controlling.  Below are the fighters and the First Look at Mike Tyson in Fight Night Round 4:

Mike Tyson
Muhammad Ali
Joe Frazier
Rocky Marciano…

Sugar Ray Leonard
Roberto Duran
Larry Holmes
Floyd Patterson
Evander Holyfield
Lennox Lewis
Winky Wright
Roy Jones Jr.
Ricky Hatton

Exclusive First Look at Mike Tyson Featured in Fight Night Round 4!

Via Press Release
Image via RetroJunk

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