For ‘Heavy Rain’ Sake, Know Your PS3 Controls; Demo Impressions w/ Topless Pic

Heavy Rain - Lauren Winter

Ever get mixed up pressing a button on your controller?  Triangle instead of Square?  Well, you’ll be surprised to know many gamers still do.  For the most part, I’m very comfortable with the PS3 controller.  I’ve occasionally pressed the wrong button during a QTE (Quick Time Event).  You know, where you have to press an onscreen button at that exact moment.  Well Heavy Rain is full of QTEs and you better get familiar with the layout of the controller before you play.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition for QTE: A Quick Time Event (QTE) is a method of gameplay used in video games. It allows for limited control of the game character during cut scenes or cinematic sequences in the game, and generally involves the player following onscreen prompts to press buttons or perform other actions (like shaking the controller). Failing these segments takes the scene in a different course, often to the player character’s death.

Heavy Rain

Quantic Dream brings the highly anticipated PlayStation 3 title, Heavy Rain. The game take place through several characters eye’s and they all surround “The Origami Killer”. Based on the Demo, you’ll get to play 2 of Heavy Rains character. You begin controlling Private Investigator named Scott Shelby who’s on a case trying to gather some clues from prostitute Lauren Winter. Controlling Scott was an overwhelming and positive event. As you walked through a quiet yet creepy alley way, many of your surroundings are interactive. What I found most interesting are pressure sensitive QTE’s. Squeezing through a dumpster involved pressing simultaneous button to get passed. So not only will you need to know your buttons, but you’ll have to use “both” hands quite a bit.

Heavy Rain

During your investigation, you’ll encounter an unpleasant foe who’s over aggressive. Now this is where you’ll be tested and time pressured. Pressing the correct indicated buttons will produce a different outcome then for those when you press the button incorrect. For example, I found myself dodging and landing more blows the second time I played which resulted in different conversations thereafter with Lauren Winter. And left me less bloody too.

The second half of the Demo allows you to play as FBI agent Norman Jayden. He’s at a crime scene and you’re there to gather information using ARI. This advanced scanning system is a futuristic database that can be visually seen with glasses and enhances items undetectable to the naked eye. DNA, footprints and types of flower pollen can be collected for data and if necessary used for the ongoing investigation.

I found the common denominator to be superb graphics, a deep storyline and Rain… lot’s of Rain. As the screen loaded for both screens, you’re given the Date, time and rain in the amount fallen in inches. So something is sure up with that.

For fans of the “Indigo Prophecy” PS2 title, you’ll be in for a real treat with Heavy Rain.  Quantic Dream has really raised the bar from IP to HR and it shows through visually and interactive gameplay.  The developer will sure keep many of us guessing just what’s in store for us till Heavy Rain’s official NA release date of February 23rd.  Feb 24th EU, 25th AUS, 26th UK and IRE.  And Japan get’s it first on the 18th of Feb.

There has been controversy over the games Mature rating.  Since one of the main character does get nude, the game will be Rated M.  For those who came just for the topless pic, click here.

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9 responses to “For ‘Heavy Rain’ Sake, Know Your PS3 Controls; Demo Impressions w/ Topless Pic”

  1. whats an M rateing? been waiting for this game for so long

  2. mrjuandrful says:

    It’s the US rating system for entertainment. M equals age 17 and over.

  3. Martin says:

    I don’t understand how nudity can raise more controversy than killing, gore and violence. I mean, today no one is offended by graphic violence in games but as soon as something as completely harmless like a naked human body (female body at least, apparently male nakedness is even more taboo!) is shown the moral panic crowd explodes.

  4. klarax says:

    Agree’d with Matrin

  5. CKraCKset says:

    its because we americans dont like our bodys oyu heard it here

  6. Potedude says:

    I was only here for the boobies…

  7. mastershredder says:

    Although I thought it was a unique game, I’m not a real fan of Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). The QT events with the analogue sticks during action sequences ruined it for me. Not because it was not possible to accomplish. It was because you had to focus on watching the context sensitive commands that popped up in the center of the screen. It took away from all the action that was going down. So by the time you were done, you were like, dude…what just happened? What did I miss? I’m not pleased that Heavy Rain is going to feature a similar interface, but I am not surprised that they went this route either. Still, I may check it out in the future.

  8. Rocky says:

    Mastershredder, the difference in Heavy Rain from that game is the QTE is never going to get in the way of the action, it IS the action. If you need to punch, it’s on your fist, naturally you’re going to be drawn to your characters fists anyway right? As he swings it there you are still watching the action unfold but still apart of the action as well.

    Just look at the video with Madison fending off attackers in her apartment. Every move she makes correlates to her body, her positioning, her movements. It never gets in the way of the action itself, because again, it IS the action itself.

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