Game Review: Buzz Quiz TV (PS3)

Gather round the family and weird cousins, Buzz Quiz TV will have you playing as a mime and throwing pies at your Grandma!

Let’s begin where most reviews don’t.  The packaging of the game.  Buzz Quiz TV is a fierce looking box, for good reason.  Not only is the game included but 4 buzzers (1 big red button, 4 colored rectangles) and a usb ‘buzz collector’ stick.  You should know what you’re getting into when you see 4 buzzers on the box… yup 8 AA batteries.  But I prefer the wireless buzzers over the potential “rats nest” with wired controllers that could very well be.

Menu Please. Buzz Quiz TV is controlled with the aforementioned “Buzz” controllers.  With that in mind many options are not available because the buzzers are not equipped to resort you back to the main menu. Correction, If you hold down all four colored buttons on the wireless buzzer, you can actually pause the game and also quit the game to return to the main menu. Not sure if this is supposed to be a feature, since it may not want you to drop out an already started game.  For instance, if you accidentally picked a category you were not allowed to return and select a new menu.

Lights, Camera, Buzzers! I had the pleasure of playing Buzz with a group of 4, although Buzz can hold up to 8 players local and up to 4 online.  Whenever there’s a large group of people, you can bet that there will be talking.  Some complaints just upon startup during gameplay were “lack of instructions”.  The comedic host of Buzz with a UK accent, explains himself verbally but a written reminder would be helpful too.  When questions are asked, you can either hit the big red button or one of the four colored buttons.  Again, with a large party of talkers there should be an on-screen set of instructions rather than the host speaking them.

Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi… Add-on’s you’ll want. The questions that come bundled in with Buzz are challenging and diverse in their respective categories.  The PSN Add-on’s complete the game that much more.  Although the add-on questions were not easy to locate at first.  Unlike traditional add-ons where the purchased add-on can be equipped, selected etc., Buzzs’ add-on’s are mixed into the game.  How to find them: As you navigate through the main categories you’ll find the add-on’s as a sub-category.  For example, you will find comedy movie quiz add-on under “Movies and TV Only”, or safari add-on under “Lifestyle” “Braniac”.  Unfortunately, you cannot play the newly purchased add-on’s as a separate set of questions.

I Buzz, You Buzz we all scream for My BUZZ. My favorite portion of Buzz were the endless questions possibilities of MyBuzz, the online Buzz depot.  Logging into, anyone with a PSN network ID can create questions which are then uploaded into the MyBUZZ databank for immediate play.  As you’re creating the questions, bear in mind that other PS3 Buzz players will see, play, and rate your questions based on validity and originality.  Also you can choose to keep your MyBUZZ quizzes private or mark them for PSN friend viewing only. Navigating through different questions with the Buzzer was surprisingly easy.

Round for Round, one of the better Quiz games. The 5 rounds and a “Final Countdown” round make up Buzz Quiz TV.  Although many did not “Short Fuse”, a round where a bomb is thrown in your hands and as you answer the question correctly, you pass the bomb down to your next opponent.  We noticed sometimes that the bomb blew up before the question was read by the host.  One last feature, was the ability to use PlayStation’s EyeToy.  Customizing your character’s face with the EyeToy is a possibility, though we didn’t have an EyeToy to test that feature.  :(

It’s the Final Countdown. The last round where all players stand on a podium with the highest point getter standing on the highest podium down to the lowest podium.  Think of Olympic podiums where gold stands higher than silver and bronze.  When a question is asked the podium drops until you either enter a successful or incorrect answer.  To which, if you answered correctly and are the first to Buzz in you podium moves up.  Answering correctly leaves you idle, and incorrectly drops the podium.  Several incorrect answers drops your character to the floor, where a trap door opens thus dropping you.  Last man standing… wins!

The Good
– Easy to understand questions
– Fun customizable characters w/ Eye Toy
– MyBuzz Questions, play then rate
– Questions were rarely duplicated (unlike other quiz games)
– Last place player chooses category, this avoids early elimination

The Bad
– Initial patch download / installation
No pause (correction – pressing all 4 colored buttons allows you to pause or quit)
– Main menu to locate questions is not intuitive
– Bomb detonates before question is read in “Short Fuse” round

With the holiday’s approaching, Buzz Quiz TV will be suitable for a broad age group, as you’ll find categories from “Toons” and “Oldies Music”.  I highly recommend Buzz Quiz TV and it’s add-on’s, due to the fun factor and competitive yet versatile set of questions that your friends and family will enjoy.  I’m hoping for a Buzz Quiz TV Christmas add-on, which I’m sure we’ll see!


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