7 responses to “Game Review: Jeopardy! on PSN”

  1. mzitt11

    I agree with everything you say, however, I know typing in the answer would be too much for SOE but in my opinion the multiple choice answering took away from the acutal TV show game.

  2. Will Snizek

    I agree. Multiple choice is NOT realistic. They do this with Jeopardy every single time a game is released. I understood back in the 8 bit days, but we really need to advance more.

    Side Question: do they have Trebec in the game and does he have the classic stache or the current weird look?

  3. Juan Perez

    @ Will, tisk, tisk. It’s in the review :)
    Quick answer, No!

  4. Will Snizek

    I actually commented before I read the review :)

  5. Juan Perez

    and i actually wrote tisk, instead of tsk, lol

  6. Sanji-kun

    What is Baked Alaska?

  7. Juan Perez

    Congratulation Mr. Sanji-kun!!!! That is Correct!

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