Game Review: Jeopardy! on PSN

Available now on the PlayStation Network, Jeopardy! puts you into the hot seat… a virtual hot seat!

When was the last time you were asked “This ‘stately’ dessert consists of sponge cake, ice cream & meringue, & is baked hot for 5 minutes?”. (answer it in comments) Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) answers “$14.99 Trivia Game on the PSN”, “What is Jeopardy!?”. Sometimes a good trivia game will remind you just how smart, or un-smart you really are. I’ll break down, “The Good” – Jeopardy!, “The Bad” – Double Jeopardy! and a final score – Final Jeopardy!

… Cue the music… Jeopardy! joins the PSN, and boy does it come with some baggage. Unlike the real Jeopardy!, Sony decided to drop the keyboard and insert multiple choice answers. Voice recognition and keyboard inputs would have been disastrous. So although Jeopardy! is the art of answering with a question, you’ll have to do it via 4 multiple choice answers (not like TRUE Jeopardy!). Another aspect of the ‘TV show’ that is missing is none other than the Celebrity Host himself Alex Trebek. I assume, SOE went with no host, than a fill-in. Although voice-overs would have made the game a bit more entertaining, a fill-in could have ruined the “Jeopardy!” experience. (Like replacing Will Smith’s Aunt with a NEW Vivian, never should have been done!)

Customization is very limited. After 15 minutes of trying to find a character that I resembled, I was left with the look of ‘Johnny’ from “The Karate Kid”. (Wish the skeleton uniform was available) Jeopardy! comes with 3 difficulties, but believe me, novice is tough enough. I found myself trying to answer quickly because my cpu opponent was a genius , but then realized that I didn’t know the answer. At some points, I didn’t finish reading the question. A bit frustrating.

Online play, is very simple. I assume to those Jeopardy! geniuses, navigating through online rooms were too challenging. So for the most part when you ‘Join a room’, it will automatically place you. One problem, it took me at least 3 times to finally join a room. Playing online also felt a bit lonely and needs some more pep. Not bells and whistles, cause Jeopardy! is not that type of game, but when it comes to video games remember your audience. Can it at least tell me “You’re the winner!, thanks for cheating with all those people who assisted you”.

Trophies support. Where did PS3 Trophies become so important to games? I guess since ‘we’ as gamers have been competitive. Jeopardy! does have Trophy support, but….. not PS3 Trophy support. We’ve seen previous titles with in-game trophies, make a slide over to PS3 Trophies, ala “Uncharted: Drakes Fortune”, so maybe Jeopardy! will do the same.

The Good
– Challenging questions
– Multiple Choice Answers
– 3 player multiplayer
– Comical animations
– Jeopardy! Trophies

The Bad
– Lack of PS3 Trophies (for now)
– Repetitive categorical questions
– Character customization
– Delayed “buzz in”
– No Rumble Support… (just kidding)

I’m a fan of Jeopardy! so for the price ($14.99) and the fact that it’s a digital download, I’d recommend it. There are some parts that they could have made better, but overall if you’re looking for a good trivia game Jeopardy! is an “OK” choice.

In a statement made to us by Shalom Mann – Senior Vice President of Development, Sony Online Entertainment about XMB Jeopardy Trophies, he clarified and confirmed their reason for not including them: “We started on JEOPARDY! before the Trophy SDK was ready to go. Our game does feature awards but not XMB Trophies. Wheel of Fortune will feature XMB Trophies and we will look at patching JEOPARDY for XMB Trophies at a later date.”

Thanks Ryan!



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Readers Comments (7)

  1. I agree with everything you say, however, I know typing in the answer would be too much for SOE but in my opinion the multiple choice answering took away from the acutal TV show game.

  2. I agree. Multiple choice is NOT realistic. They do this with Jeopardy every single time a game is released. I understood back in the 8 bit days, but we really need to advance more.

    Side Question: do they have Trebec in the game and does he have the classic stache or the current weird look?

  3. @ Will, tisk, tisk. It’s in the review 🙂
    Quick answer, No!

  4. I actually commented before I read the review 🙂

  5. and i actually wrote tisk, instead of tsk, lol

  6. What is Baked Alaska?

  7. Congratulation Mr. Sanji-kun!!!! That is Correct!

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