Game Review: *The Last Guy

The Last Guy’s top-down zombie arcade game is Google Earth meets Shaun of the Dead.  Zombie Conga Line Anyone?

The Earth is infested with several forms of zombies.  The population is scarce and you are asked to rescue the last remaining civilians in 14 cities.  Here’s where you’re asked to step in, and get them the hell out of danger.  *The Last Guy is a top-down, aerial view arcade game, in which your character is portrayed by a man with a blue suit and red cape.  Incorporating a similar view to that of Google Earth you’ll see real cities which gives the game a realistic feel.  Of course with the top building view, the only way to determine who’s in a building is by turning ‘night vision’ on.  Japan Studios thought this one out because with ‘night vision’ on, you can’t see the nearby zombies.  So you’ll have to toggle your views to succeed.  In short, your mission is to rescue a certain number of civilians within the allotted time limit.

If the above image reminds you of Forret Gump, it should.  It’s an aerial view of Wash., D.C.

The first level starts you off in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.  You’re given 4 minutes to roundup 1000 people and deliver them safely into the “Escape Zone”.  Each city you are dropped off in, has zombies, items, and of course people to rescue.  The more civilians you bring to the “Escape Zone” at a time, the higher the bonus.  Of course there’s a catch!  The more civilians you have with you creates a long line (like follow the leader) which makes you more susceptible to the Zombies.  Once the Zombies get too close to you, they can either scare the civilians away or break your ‘Snake” like line both sending them screaming back into nearby shelters.  Oh yeah, and if a Zombie captures you, Game Over.

Item List

E = Energy
hE = High Energy
St = Stops Zombie Activity for limited time
Re = Warps you to nearest “Escape Zone”
Iv = Invisible to Zombies for limited time

The games’ music, and sounds let you know when time is almost up and when a zombie is near.  Strategically timed birds fly overhead to throw your visuals off.  The Japanese voice over’s add a creepy feel to the game during the game’s menu screen.

Walk this way guys…

The Good Stuff:

– Highly addictive arcade game
– An aerial view of 14 detailed cities
– Ascending Challenged Cities
– Quick, pick up and play game
– Rumble

The Bad Stuff:

– No Multi-player
– Lack of PS3 Trophies

The Neutral:

– Caped Crusader as main character

In the End…

I know the description of the game sounds simple.  It first reminded me of the classic cell phone game ‘Snake’.  If it sounds easy, then that means I did a good job not confusing the objective of the game, but let me warn you.  *The Last Guy is part arcade-action, mixed in with some strategy.  Some cities allow you to gather up a horde of civilians and avoid zombies to get back to your “Escape Zone”, but other cities will require you to roundup smaller groups and use the “Re” to warp you back to the nearest “Escape Zone”.

Overall, it’s a fun quirky top-down game worth giving a shot.

For the price of $9.99, I’d say give *The Last Guy a home…

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