GameStop Keeps The Tradition Going with GTA IV

Well, we all knew that GameStop would open their doors on April 29th. But After I received confirmation today from a GameStop executive, GameStop will open their doors at 12:01 AM. That’s right, on Monday night you can stay up late and drive on over to GameStop to pick up the most anticipated Next Gen game for the PS3 and XBox360… Grand Theft Auto 4!

For those of you who originally purchased just the game, don’t be too surprised if your not permitted to upgrade to the Special Edition version. The SE GTA IV’s have been shipped to those store with a pre-order for them. Which means, unless your in close with a GameStop clerk or the pre-order isn’t picked up, you’re out of luck!

If you live out in Alaska, where it’s night for 30 days straight, I’d call your local GameStop to verify!

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for the info about GameStop. The 29th should prove to be a busy “morning” for them I’m sure.

  2. Yeah I hope it doesn’t bring out the strangeness that Halo 3 did in a way. I remember standing outside Barnes & Nobles which was next to the GameStop where I had a couple copies of Halo 3 on reserve. These crazy guys in a pickup truck kept driving post shouting “nerds” and “finish the fight” at all of us.

  3. HAHA, that was me and my friends! Were you the guy wearing the huge Halo 3 helmet and Xbox360 boxer shorts with a bucket of KFC?

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