GameStop’s Official PS3 Game Releases

Hello Folks, your reporter on the street managed to get his hands on GameStop’s PS3 game releases. Now I ended up getting a copy but the list is sorted by Title name, so don’t criticize. A lot of cool surprises, but you never know until we get further to the release date. Check out our GTA IV (360 version) comment contest. We’re giving away one copy of the game!

Flux Capacitor

“This would make future release dates a thing of the past, ironic of me to say that”

My Favorites:
04/29/08 – Grand Theft Auto IV
06/12/08 – Metal Gear Solid 4
09/01/08 – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
10/21/08 – Ghostbusters
11/04/08 – Resistance 2
03/02/09 – God of War

My Must Haves:
08/19/08 – Tiger Woods 09
11/11/08 – Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3
06/10/08 – NASCAR 09

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Readers Comments (16)

  1. Nascar 09′?????

    I hope the game only consists of 1 lap because I don’t know if I could sit through 100 laps of the going in circles over and over and over again… Just like a sweater that you keep knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting (spot light shining over head) Pee-wee reference!!!

  2. Great reference, I’d love to live the life of Ricky Bobby. Now let’s see what Madam Ruby see’s…

  3. Im on warhawk life support. GTA better get here quick.

  4. well.. not too much of a wait for GTA IV left

  5. i just looked through that gamespot list

    where is socom on that list?

  6. Yeah, ill take those dates w/ a grain of salt. Gamestop is usually behind the curve when it comes to release dates.

  7. Why are all your must-haves EA games?

  8. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article p’s Official PS3 Game Releases |, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  9. man i need a new ps2 becuse me and rhiana and some other friens like lil mama and flo rida had a party at my house yesterday arond 12:56 and my greates friend of freaking time tyga was playing my ps2 and the power went out and the plastation explodid so hook me up with a new plastation2 okay i love you love chris brown$$##@@%^&

  10. Fajna strona, znalazlem ja przypadkowo ale teraz bede tu wpadal czesciej, pozdrawiam

  11. Um i thing mzitt11 is stupid because he thinks NASCAR is stupid. Well guess what:
    The following Sports are stupid:
    Football, Hockey, curling (qustionable f its a sport) etc.

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  13. i have a ferris wheel and a marrie go round and and bumper carts hehehe

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