God of War 3, Kratos Looking Good


For those who’ve played ‘God of War’ on the PS2 appreciated the fantastic gameplay, innovative challenges and great graphics.  Then came, ‘God of War 2’.  Which upgraded all the ingredients that made the original a success.  While many GOW fans prayed the “720p” resolution rumor was true on the PS3, that myth was debunked and an acceptable “480p” is what Sony gave us instead.  The Gametrailers video below combines all 3 God of Wars with in-game footage and cutscenes.  One thing you can look forward to will be God of War III will be in “1080p”.  There’s only so much promise God of War III will bring, and I’m sure the gameplay will be as great as the previous titles.   If you’re a fan or not sure if you’re gonna like God of War 3, take 3 minutes and watch the video below.  This game WILL BE the game of the year when it’s released.

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