God Of War III Artwork Features Atlas

god of war artwork fire titan God Of War III Artwork Features AtlasPosted on artists’ page, Cecil Kim, are some images of God of War artwork featuring a miniature Kratos and the massive Atlas in flames.  Several pics show off some of the great work and pics that will make a great desktop wallpaper.  Looking at these pics give us an idea just how big Titans are in the God of War series.  If you recall, Atlas, was one of the biggest characters in God of War 2.  In one part of the game, you’d never know that you’re actually walking ON HIM, until you reach his face.

Centaur images, and other concept art pics are beautiful drawings that hopefully depict the upcoming God of War 3.  Here’s more pics below:

pixel God Of War III Artwork Features Atlas


  1. babylinda

    Wow how awesome would a figure of Atlas be for my collection!

  2. mrjuandrful

    You can make your own at home.
    step 1. get a bunch of marshmallow’s and toothpicks
    step 2. light it up

  3. babylinda

    Bah, it won’t be the same.

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