God of War III Demo Screenshots, Kratos Approved

GOW3 Kratos

Ok PerezStart.com followers.  There’s good news and bad news.  Good news is there’s a God of War 3 Demo that we have been playing and loving with our official impressions coming Monday.  Bad news is we couldn’t get a Demo code for you guys… yet (we’ll try).  So make sure you come back Monday since we’ll have a full write-up on the Demo, with screens for viewing.  For now, enjoy these screens featuring Kratos in these never before seen demo screenshots of everyone’s favorite Titan killer, Kratos!

The amazing graphics can easily be seen on these screenshots with the blood from the Cyclops’ eye above sprayed all over Kratos.  The gore doesn’t stop here.  Kratos is also involved with another enemy who “disturbs the gods”.

Here’s the plot for God of War III, so if you’re not into spoilers just check out the screenshots below.

God of War III takes place right after the events of God of War II, with Kratos upon Gaia’s back eager to exact vengeance on the gods and make them suffer. As seen in the trailers, the whereabouts of the Blade of Olympus is unknown, even though Kratos had been wielding the blade at the end of God of War II. Little information has been released on the battle between the Gods and Titans that will explain the end of Greek mythology.[10] A more recent screenshot shows Helios on his knees with a bloodied face, Kratos is also in the picture grasping the god’s head, about to tear it off with his bare hands.[11] A game demo released at E3 2009 shows Kratos, with assistance from Perses, bringing down Helios and his chariot and then ripping off the god’s head.

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