GOW Gaming Halloween Masks, God or Gears of War

Kratos maskMarcus Fenix

There can only be one GOW. But which is it?  Gears of War or God of War?  Let Halloween be the fate.  Halloween masks have been around since Jason made the Hockey mask famous.  These two Halloween masks have PlayStation and Xbox gamers making a decision of who to dress up as this Halloween season.

Kratos in God of War shows power, intensity and a passion to kill.  There’s no question that compared to Markus, he is the stronger being.

With Markus Fenix, you know you get a fearless human being.  No gods watching over him so his kick-ass approach to get the job done wheteher it kills him, makes him a tough character.

So who is the better GOW Mask?  I’ll leave it up to you, but remember… you’ll have to go shirtless with one of these costumes.  So unless you’re in tip top shape, stick with your non-movie quality Chewbacca mask.  Everyone loves chewy!


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