Graphically The Best Madden Yet, Madden NFL 10


No, they haven’t officially named the EA Sports Cover Athlete for Madden NFL10 yet, but if the screenshot above is any indication, I’d say there’s a hint.  As Peter Moore asked on his official blog, “How many improvements can you pick out?”.  Number 1, I see a clear shot of Ben Rothlesberger,  Could it be his Quater-back towel?  Or the bold orange coolers on the side line? Glossy Helmets?  I can go on people…

Many of the new features promised will be; procedural awareness, improvements to the QB, tuning being done to the wide receivers and DBs, and more. Over the next several weeks you’re going to be hearing more about how this year’s game is going to continue to push the boundaries of authenticity in gameplay, presentation, and art style.

Two Questions:

1. What new improvements can you see from the screen above?

2.  Who would you like to see on the next cover of Madden NFl 10?


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