GTA 2 Headed to PSN/XBLA? Dated June 12th on timer…

Many a night I search the Internets looking for that next “hidden treasure”.  Well you guys tell me, but I think I found a doozie here myself.  Upon searching for RockStar links, (since all the craze is GTA IV), I stumbled upon this timer for GTA2.  The date above the link is the day I visited, but what is the date below? Now, there’s been no official word as to what the timer is clocking down to, but the rumors are flying here among our staff.

Check out the official site here, and tell me what YOU think it leads to…

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2 responses to “GTA 2 Headed to PSN/XBLA? Dated June 12th on timer…”

  1. tiltmfc says:

    Rockstar has already said this is a old timer , and is not for a release for any game. they said this about a month or two ago.

  2. Will Snizek says:

    I find it hard to believe that it’s just an old timer. Rockstar does do some strange marketing though. You also can’t always believe what the companies say about things…

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