GTA IV Famous Movie Scenes Remade

Searching Youtube for the someone kicked in the groin, fall, or leaked footage of SOMETHING, I came across this video. This video is just awesome. UltimateChance compiled a worth watching video of Grand Theft Auto 4. Using GTA IV to re-enact scenes from great gangster movies is ok in my book. Check out the list of movies remade using GTA IV, with great audio mind you.

Scenes include:

Godfather – Tollbooth Scene (Sonny’s Murder)
Goodfellas – “Then He Kissed Me” scene
Reservoir Dogs – Mexican Standoff scene
I Am Legend – Neville vs. Fred
American History X – Opening Scene
Fight Club – Ending Scene


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. That’s awesome, the character in the “I Am Legend” section actually looks like Will Smith.

  2. Yeah, they did a great job with all the video’s. They even used the PS3 zombie which looked just like Fred. I think that was his name.

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