GTA IV Famous Movie Scenes Remade

Searching Youtube for the someone kicked in the groin, fall, or leaked footage of SOMETHING, I came across this video. This video is just awesome. UltimateChance compiled a worth watching video of Grand Theft Auto 4. Using GTA IV to re-enact scenes from great gangster movies is ok in my book. Check out the list of movies remade using GTA IV, with great audio mind you.

Scenes include:

Godfather – Tollbooth Scene (Sonny’s Murder)
Goodfellas – “Then He Kissed Me” scene
Reservoir Dogs – Mexican Standoff scene
I Am Legend – Neville vs. Fred
American History X – Opening Scene
Fight Club – Ending Scene


pixel GTA IV Famous Movie Scenes Remade


  1. Anna Peterson

    That’s awesome, the character in the “I Am Legend” section actually looks like Will Smith.

  2. Juan Perez

    Yeah, they did a great job with all the video’s. They even used the PS3 zombie which looked just like Fred. I think that was his name.

  3. ThisGigglingWombat


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