GTA IV – Zombie Spotted Online… Ghost of CJ?

Here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it:

There’s been a buzz, (l know there will always be a buzz), on a Zombie spotted in the Online Deathmatch mode of GTA IV. Now he’s almost considered to be like Bigfoot, or an Urban Legend because only a select few have seen him… or it! I have managed to get some exclusives hots of the RockStar beast. I know the ingame is blurry, but at least I was able to capture him while he was gunning me down.

7:00pm – After noticing this peculiar character walking around, I tried following this person. Several attempts later and many deaths later, I was able to take a picture of the Zombie.

7:27pm – Shortly after the picture I put my headset on to see if this undead monster was human or cpu. I heard a moan through my headset asking “Who are you?”

7:39pm – I repeatedly asked this man from the grave “Tell me your name!” I then asked him if he was a real person, send me proof that he exists to my email address. Within a few minutes I received the following… Please proceed below with caution.

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. u can get the zombie if u kill a Rockstar employee online

  2. I have unlocked this zombie character as well…

  3. Dude u guys are crazy or noobs to the game. Online play on GTAIV has a currency. Getting a certain amount of money online allows you to get a rank and new clothes. You can easely get the zombie costume by getting rank 2 online.

  4. how do you get it on the 360

  5. how do you get it on the xbox 360

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  7. I unlocked it 2, it’s cool, i read somwhere (cant remember….) dat when u get more rank upgrates u will get more “sercret skins”… sry 4 my bad english

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