GTAIV: Maps – LEAKED for PS3

Liberty City Map

I think I’ll get a head start on where items and places are located thanks to these leaked GTAIV pics. This leak of the map for sure will not hurt GTAIV, as a matter of fact it will help promote it. First the new multiplayer screens, and now the overview of GTAIV.

Liberty City does look HUGE on paper, so I can imagine what it must feel like to drive over the GWB. I know one of my first missions is to go down in the subway and play “Eye of the Tiger” on my harmonica. Then with that change buy me a falafel and go to Yankee Stadium and moon George Steinbrenner with my “Mr. April, Ms. October” A-rod t-shirt. How did I get into a Rivalry Rant already?!?!?!

“Get Awayyy with your ball”

“Get Awayyy with your ball”

Without Further a due…

image-o-maticx.jpg image-o-matic1.jpg image-o-matic2.jpg image-o-matic3.jpg image-o-matic4.jpg image-o-matic5.jpg

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