Hadouken Street Fighter Art!


Ok, do you remember the guy on youtube that for some odd years posted pictures of himself everyday on a webcam featuring himself and all his different hairstyles? That was a pretty neat  video but now I have something a little more interesting,there is an artist on flickr who instead  makes a new artistic piece every day. Oliveroliverbarret of flickr calls these pieces the”Make Something Cool Everyday” collection. Yesterday I posted one of his  creative arts of a pixel with both Mega Man and Michael Jackson characteristics and now this! Ryu is showing off his famous Hadouken stance with the fire ball in a whimsical set of colors. I will be following him and posting all the awesome artistic creations he comes up with so stay posted!

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Hello World, My name is Jennifer Safanova ! I am what you call a casual gamer but I have been playing video games since I was 4. My first console was Atari and I moved up to Snes and so on and so on. My 3 favorite games of all time have to be Super Mario World , Condemned and Halo 3! I am here to give a female perspective of the gaming, gadget and anime world. That being said I am a huge lover of Japanese culture and am a huge collector of anime, manga, figures, Japanese paintings, etc etc. I am also a gamer model and a huge comic book nerd! If you go to my link on myspace you can even see me cosplaying as Spiderwoman. I am happy go lucky, silly and have the heart of child. I am very friendly , have a great sense of humor and am very outgoing! So that is a little on me, I will try to keep you guys entertained as much as I possibly can and maybe open your eyes to some things you did not know of but happy you now do!

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