Hands-On Review: NBA Live ’09


Here we have it, NBA Live 09! The ultimate basketball game that makes you feel like you are in the actual game. With features like realistic graphics, fast pace game play and updated team rosters, you’ll save yourself the inconvenience of paying $150 seats, parking garages and annoying half time shows (although those Sumo suits are hysterical).

The best new feature is the disc-free NBA DNA daily updates. This feature updates a team’s roster to coincide with the players actual stats per game (i.e. slumps, scoring stats, averages, etc.). NBA DNA also mirrors the personalities of the actual NBA players. For example, if the real Kobe Bryant heats up LIVE on TNT, the in-game Kobe will too. To add, you will also be shown Kobe’s hot spots from his “real” performance which you can take advantage of by shooting from those same spots.

Sharing your accomplishments (or bragging rights) is a breeze with EA’s uploading feature.  I’m glad they avoided the tedious logon headache from past EA titles.  How else, can I show “my” Kobe drop a double-nickel without proof?

If you want a game that is as close to the real thing NBA Live ’09 is the basketball game to pick up.

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