Hands-On Review: NBA Live ’09


Here we have it, NBA Live 09! The ultimate basketball game that makes you feel like you are in the actual game. With features like realistic graphics, fast pace game play and updated team rosters, you’ll save yourself the inconvenience of paying $150 seats, parking garages and annoying half time shows (although those Sumo suits are hysterical).

The best new feature is the disc-free NBA DNA daily updates. This feature updates a team’s roster to coincide with the players actual stats per game (i.e. slumps, scoring stats, averages, etc.). NBA DNA also mirrors the personalities of the actual NBA players. For example, if the real Kobe Bryant heats up LIVE on TNT, the in-game Kobe will too. To add, you will also be shown Kobe’s hot spots from his “real” performance which you can take advantage of by shooting from those same spots.

Sharing your accomplishments (or bragging rights) is a breeze with EA’s uploading feature.  I’m glad they avoided the tedious logon headache from past EA titles.  How else, can I show “my” Kobe drop a double-nickel without proof?

If you want a game that is as close to the real thing NBA Live ’09 is the basketball game to pick up.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. This has to be the worst review of all time. Live 09 has the worst computer ai, you have to pay for these “daily” updates (I used the word daily in inverted commas because they don’t always do it daily). The graphics are horrible. The gameplay is generic from team to team.

    NBA 2k has been better then Live for the past 6 or 7 years.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Next you’ll tell me the best thing NBA 2K games came out with is unlocking the team that created the game and playing against them. Or how about putting a Sonic the Hedgehog uniform on the players. You’ll never see that on EA basketball games its just not real. If you ask me that put the 2K b-ball games equal to NBA Jam. I see big heads in the 2K future.

  3. That’s the defence? That because 2k used to be owned by Sega that it might have sonic on the uniforms? Look I have both games, NBA Live has the worst A.I. of any game, not just basketball. I was playing Boston vs Lakers, when I got an offensive board with Garnett. With a clear path to the basket, Kobe ran back to Ray Allen leaving Garnett along to dunk it without any attempt of help defence. This is just ONE example of how flawed the Live engine is. The only half acceptable things is the 5 on 5 online because each player is a human opponent, but its far too generic. Michael Finely and Tmac can play like Kobe. It’s just a pathetic game.

  4. Can we say 2K brainwash. So why would they drop their prices on the 2K series. I don’t remember EA doing that. Maybe 2K just couldn’t keep up with EA. If i remember correctly they dropped the prices to $19.99. Doesn’t Target have a section for cheap games. EA Basketball has been out before the 2K series was even a scribble in a notepad as an idea. EA Basketball games are far superior than 2K. You wouldn’t buy Live just to bash it. That’s okay stay an EA closet fan all you want.

  5. I didn’t buy NBA Live. I work on a Live website and get given it for free. But my point still stands, Live has a long way to go with its gameplay before all these “revolutionary” ideas such as NBA 365 and DNA actually mean anything. But I like it how me criticising NBA live leads to you criticising me, and yet you call me brainwashed.

  6. Looks like agreeing to disagree is our option. Where did i criticize you? calling you brainwashed sorry. Its about the game not each other. So you .bash Live on your job too. The Live 365 and the NBA DNA are awesome features. To make it even more realistic they added that. Is 2K Up to that level yet. If Kobe is in a slump why should the game be better than him. If the Nets are in a losing streak i guess 2K doesn’t care about that do they. Your teams will keep their stats no change at all. Nice.

  7. But as I said, despite those nice additions, it means nothing if the gameplay is horrible or unrealistic. The NBA is dictated by help defence and off the ball movement. NBA Live ignores this and goes for “what looks cool”. That can be fun, like 04 was great. And there are roster updates on 2k, just less frequent and free.

  8. Are we playing the same game. What do you call double team and pick and rolls, ally oops. You’re right that doesn’t happen in Live just 2K9.

  9. A pick and roll is a play. An Alley oop is usually the by product of a pick and roll. You never see cutting from the weak side to overload one side and open up space in Live. You do in 2k9. Double team is not help defence. Help defence is when you get by your man then help will come. Help defence is not doubling someone 30 feet out because they’ve made 2 shots. Actually look, just go back to arguing the Sega and the price of the game. That is actually more valid then what you’re coming up with now.

  10. I don’t like basketball games.

  11. Jesus Likes Live 09… Sooo that makes it better…Period! lol

  12. It is always pleasure to read your content, will back here soon

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