HD ‘God of War III’ Screens, Kratos 1080p

God of War Kratos

Ready for some HD God of War III screenshots? If we haven’t informed you of the hottest PlayStation 3 gaming coming in March, then you’re not paying attention. The screenshots below are courtesy of Kratos and we’re proud to show off how crisp and clear he and Atlas look. Check them out…

With only two months away, GoWIII will be seen on every PSN playlist and these pics confirm that theory. If you read our impressions, we explained just how great the demo played. We know the demo was the same at last years E3, so the fact that it played so well only shows the improvements must have made months ago.  In other words, the gameplay can only go up from here. Unless you’re viewing these screens on your PS3 (which I highly encourage) you see the screens in 720p quality. Enjoy Kratos in HD!

Check out all the tumbnails below:

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  1. Looks amazing. best part is that they are already saying that this isn’t the end of the series

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