HOT: ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Screenshots Released, Western Done Right!


Rockstar Games is known for their out of the box thinking and risque business.  I mean I’m talking about the same company that allows you to pick up hookers from the street to re-energize your character in the Grand Theft Auto Series.  But something tells me Red Dead Redemption will be different.

As a matter of fact, some sites have previewed the game and judging by their feedback RDR will be another must have thanks to Rockstar.  The images below explain why this western stamped by Rockstar will prove to be a hit when it’s released… whenever that will be.

Excerpt from Boomtown

When engaging in gunplay the targeting system is one that is free to control, albeit with a semi-automatic lock on system that snaps onto a target, but is fully manual at the same time. Tweaks such as slowing down time and painting crosshairs on several targets before unleashing a flurry of bullets allows for some variety in the gunplay, but the amount of time you can use these abilities is limited. As the stool is kicked from under the girl, time counts down for you to dispatch the enemies and reach her, before cutting her down.

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