How To Own at MW3: TDM Edition

Here are five handy tips to help you own it up at Modern Warfare 3’s Team Deathmatch mode, including extra tips for Kill Confirmed and Ground War. Let’s get right into it!

5. Take Out Their Kill Streaks

One of the biggest ways in which you can cripple the enemy team is to ensure that their kill streaks don’t have a big impact on the game. Keep the skies clear by using one of your class slots as an anti-streak soldier.

Equip the best launcher you have available, as well as a silenced primary weapon. For your perk slots, you’ll want Blind Eye, Assassin and SitRep. These will keep you off the radar, minimising your chances of being killed whilst you’re trying to take down an enemy call-in.

Most kill streaks will spawn in the south of the map, so always check there first, then scan the sky in a circle. You might have to step out into the open or climb a building, so make sure there are no enemies nearby before you check the skies.

Even UAVs are valuable targets, so don’t feel that they’re not worth the trouble. If you can deny the enemy their call-ins, your side will have a definitive advantage in TDM.

4. Control Space

One of the most important goals for you and your team in Team Deathmatch should be controlling space. As in Chess, your goal should be to lock down sections of the map, forcing enemies down a suboptimal path and utterly destroying anyone that wanders into the killzone.

If you’re playing defensively, this sort of strategy should be your bread and butter; find a path that isn’t being guarded by your team, and ensure that no enemies come along it. If you’re playing with friends, work together to lock down an entire side of the map, notifying each other if an enemy makes it past the front line.

Light machine guns are excellent for controlling space, as their long range, good firepower and immense ammo capacity mean they can keep firing longer than other weapons, and their speed weakness isn’t an issue due to your defensive role. As well as your primary weapon, explosives and kill streaks such as sentry guns, bouncing betties and claymores can also prove valuable tools.

3. Choose Your Strike Chains Carefully

If you’re planning to play Team Deathmatch, you may have to reconfigure your strike chains to suit the mode. The primary characteristics of TDM are standard enemy numbers (not as high as FFA, for example) and low clustering (vs objective-based modes). For this reason, strike chains that lock down areas (as above) or provide benefits to the whole team are the most beneficial.

Support is probably the variant to go for here, with plenty of team-centric options. Good choices are UAV, Counter UAV, Ballistic Vests, SAM Turret, Advanced UAV and EMP. As you’ll be playing defensively and the Support strike package does not lose its streak upon death, feel free to go for some of the longer rewards.

2. Don’t Die

It may seem an obvious tip, but nowhere in death more important than in Team Deathmatch. That’s the whole scoring system of the game, so the kill-death spread is the most essential measure of your success. Don’t rush into the meatgrinder when you’re playing Team Deathmatch, as you’re ruining your team’s chances of victory as well as your own time.

The safest way to play Team Deathmatch is defensively; control your sectors and minimise your risk rather than maximising your reward. If you end up with four kills and one death, you’ll have done more good for the team than someone who gets eight kills and ten deaths.

1. Flank

If you don’t like playing defensively, your best bet in Team Deathmatch is to attempt to flank the enemy team. Stay on the very edges of the map, pushing cautiously through. Be especially careful rounding corners; be ready to fire as you do so. Also beware of open areas or places with long sight lines; enemy snipers will be here and it is usually best to stay in these killing corridors for as little time as possible.

Your goal is to bypass or destroy the enemy players at their front lines, then slip behind the bulk of the enemy forces. Once you’ve scored a kill or two on your way, these players will be expecting you, so continue with more haste. If you do succeed in breaching their lines, don’t tarry there long.

Instead move up along a different corridor to the one that you entered by, taking out groups of enemy soldiers from behind as quickly as possible. Once you’ve reached this phase, you’ll typically have only the length of an enemy respawn or so (perhaps ten seconds) before you will be found and killed, so take out enemies along the path with speed, then return to your own front lines instead of turning back for more. If you make it back in one piece, then you can begin flanking again.

Silenced weapons are ideal here, as you’ll be able to penetrate the front lines without the rest of the enemy team being alerted. As you’ll be operating primarily in close quarters combat, a submachine gun or shotgun is ideal, although the quicker assault rifles are also viable. Perks like Blind Eye, Assassin and Sit Rep are also valuable for avoiding enemy attention and/or explosives.

Special Stage: Kill Confirmed & Ground War

Kill Confirmed and Ground War shake up the formula a bit.

In Kill Confirmed, you have to pick up your enemy’s tags from their corpse once you gun them down, and prevent the opposing team from doing the same to you. This means long-range weapons like semi-automatic assault rifles and sniper rifles are less suitable, with the edge going submachine guns and shotguns. Choose these weapons to take down enemies quickly at close range, then scoop up their tags moments later.

Ground War takes it in the other direction, with many more players in a match. Explosive weapons become even more powerful here, so consider equipping a grenade launcher or RPG as part of your normal class loadout. Kill streaks that manifest as death-dealing air support are also stronger than in normal TDM.

That’s All, Folks

So that’s that then — five top tips for owning at Team Deathmatch, with a few extra helpings for Kill Confirmed and Ground War. Good luck out there soldier!

This article was written by William Judd. William writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of the new Kindle cover, the Jabra Invisible Shield, and other new Kindle covers.


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