Hulu Blocking Playstation 3 From Accessing Its Service

Hulu No Longer Playable On PS3Oh, Hulu.  Why do you hurt us so?  I understand the whole idea of watching quality programming on your personal computer, but this is getting outright ridiculous.  It seems over the weekend, Hulu purposly enforced a block on the Playstation 3 from accessing the Hulu service.

There’s been no official word directly from Hulu, but my bet would be they probably feel being able to access their service in a home entertainment setting is something they’re not too fond of at the moment.  So in order to get our Hulu fix, I guess we all have to become slaves to our laptops in order to watch anything on Hulu.  God forbid I actually sit back and experience streaming TV shows on my TV.  That’d be way too insane for mere mortals to handle.


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