Impressions: God of War III Demo, WOW

GOW3 Menu

We saw.  We played.  We were impressed.  Very impressed!  I can tell you right now, God of War III will be a MUST HAVE game in March 2010.  Kratos as we know him is back, with the scars to prove it running down his stomach.  The opening menu shows off Kratos in fantastic graphics.  Starting the story mode is very graphically satisfying.  I’ve always loved the God of War series for getting right to it.  No explanation, no reason, just straight up killing from the get go and God of War III is no different.  You’re not given any story line nor have any idea what your main objective is.  Except to kill those who are put in your way.

GOW3 Cyclops

The button sequence has changed a slight bit, but easier for those who haven’t memorized the button locations yet.  For those who’ve played God of War 1 or 2, you were given button times events which would allow Kratos to perform special attacks on bosses.  Now the buttons are located on the left (square), right (circle), top (triangle) and bottom (X) of your screen.  When your attacking the boss, press those corresponding buttons to perform critical attacks.

GOW3 Kratos

You begin the demo with two of your four weapons already equipped.  The chaos blades is your primary weapon and the …. is the weapon you equip to break your opponents block and is much stronger.  The dimension in GOW3 in tremendous.  Pay attention to the back and foreground scenery or you’ll miss out on some great action.  At one point, you mount a cyclops and attack him which causes him to attack the smaller enemies closer to the ground in light attacks (swings his club) or stronger attacks (falls ontop of them).

GOW3 Kratos Helios

The Fire Titan is swatting away Helios, and your mission is to knock him off course with an arrow courtesy of a slingshot.  Helios is thrown off his chariot, caught by the Fire Titan and thrown across the ruins.  For fans of free roam, you’ll be a bit disappointed since GOW3 is mainly camera driven.  Which means, what the developers want you to see is your view.  This is mainly due to the R3 button being used as a directional dodge stick.

God of War III

As you fly your way through openings in the ceiling, you’ll have large rocks and other objects on fire hurling towards you.  The Demo wraps up by showing the Fire Titan in the distance as Kratos approaches him.  In 720p and 5.1 Surround Sound you’ll see and hear the title screen of God of War III to which I applauded like I was at E3 seeing this for the first time.  Very Geeky.

A no doubter for Game of The Year award for 2010, I can tell you that God of War III will be an epic conclusion to the best series on the PlayStation platform.  We’ll be replaying this until the God of War Collection is released Nov 17.  Until then, stay posted here for more GOW3 news!

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    wen kratos appraoches the titan at the end it looks as if he is going to attack the titan. this is a little fishy cuz kratos is on the side of the titans. this might be a crazy twist in the story but its probably to have ppl think this. DOES ANYBODY WHO PLAYED THE DEMO AGREE WITH ME?

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